PYJAMARAMA goes mad at The Romford Beach Club

Heartless Women

All this and more besides is –  all you could really hope for and we have it by the bucket full …


Totally Unacceptable Me

Totally Unacceptable Me is a companion venture of ours – visit the site and be … horrified

Smartly Turned Out People

Awfully nice people can be found at any Pyjamarama Event, we are sure that you will take the opportunity to do the same.

More Fun Than You Get At Home

Yes, we are following the Rule of Six: Our next party at the world famous Romord Beach Club will consist of just YOU and five of our friendly ladies or ‘Nieces’ as we like to call them … what FUN!

The Fun starts at 4pm as we have to bail out by 10pm – if you can last that long!!

“In Every Dreamhome, A Heartache.”

With two floors of striking modernist furnishings and architecture, The Romford Beach Club is the place to go and NOT be seen!

That is shocking!